Tire Recycling

Tires are recyclable and are used to make many products, from roads to sandals. To recycle used tires, take them to a local collection facility or tire retailer. There may be a small fee if tires are brought to a retailer or collection facility.


  • Field turf and running tracks
  • Ground cover, in place of wood chips 
  • Oil retrieval
  • Soil erosion control
  • Foundation stabilizer

Can I drop my old tires off at the landfill?
Used tires are a problem material and disposal policies and regulations do not allow tires to be dropped off at landfills. Please check with your County Environmental Office or jump to the Disposal Guide to find locations near you.

What are recycled Tires turned into?
Scrap tires are processed and refined, crumb rubber become the ideal raw material for a wide variety of applications, including molded rubber goods and adhesives. Larger sized material is used for civil engineering applications as a substitute for stone aggregates, or as fuel to power kilns, mills and power plants, and smaller sized materials are incorporated into a number of industrial, athletic field, paving and landscaping applications, among others.

How can I reuse my old tires before recycling them?
Some practical uses for old tires in your backyard or garden are DIY garden beds or ponds, tire swings, or mulch and animal feeders. An artist has even made money by reusing scrap bicycle tires by turning them into jewelry.