Garbage Generation

The average Minnesotan generates nearly 4.5 pounds of trash each day. That’s a staggering 56 tons a year! All that garbage must be managed properly to avoid environmental problems, and that management is expensive. Each year, Minnesotans throw away about 40% of material that can be REUSED, or RECYCLED. Everything from bikes to cleaners to paint to wood remains in a landfill when it could be put to better use. Not Reusing / Recycling is a WASTE as those items are buried in the landfill forever.

It is important to know the facts so you can figure out how to reduce your garbage output. Nearly 30% of trash in landfills is paper, while 18% is food scraps and 16% is plastics. Many of these items can be easily recycled, reused, and reduced with some advanced planning. Search this website for more information, or contact your local environmental professional using the county links.

Recycle What You Can

This section provides information on disposing of your unwanted garbage items. We STRONGLY encourage you to take a little time to research recycling options on this website for items that SHOULD NOT go in the landfill. Materials such as yard waste, recyclables, electronic waste, and hazardous household materials have no purpose in the landfill.