z-Appliance Recycling Info

  • Appliances need to be disposed of properly as many contain hazardous materials. It is illegal in Minnesota to put major appliances with your garbage, so be sure to reuse or recycle them.
    • Contact your hauler to see if they provide curbside pick-up for appliances.
    • Some county drop-off facilities accept appliances for recycling.
    • Find a facility or company that accepts appliances. Some may offer pick-up services.
    • If you are purchasing a new appliance, check with the retailer to see if they will take your old appliance for recycling.
    • Xcel Energy offers a cash rebate and free pick up and recycling service for your spare refrigerator or freezer that is in working condition.

    Safety Tip: When recycling refrigerators and freezers, be sure to disable all doors to keep children or animals from getting trapped inside. Either remove the door or inside seal or bend the hinges so the door no longer closes.


    If your appliance is still in working condition, consider posting it online on a site such as craigslist.org to connect with someone who could use it. Consider donating it to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Volunteers in Mercy, or the Salvation Army.